6Rudy Burningman (Alessio Pittau for his family) was born in 06/05/1984 in Italy, where he lived most of his life. At the age of 12 he starts to self learn how to play piano and does his own compositions. After few years, he decide to join the local academy of music and enterprise music seriously. Unfortunately he gets rejected from the academy, for a serious lack of discipline and classical methodology.

With a bit of disappointment Rudy put this dream in a draw for several years, without stop composing music anyway.

In 2010 Rudy move to Australia to change his life, and he starts a band, the Halfstrangers, where Rudy plays the keyboard. In the early days, Halfstrangers is a four elements band that play rock and blues covers in bars around  Melbourne. After one year the band becomes a duo, just Rudy and Stefano de Santis. At this stage the band only plays Radiohead’s covers, and here Rudy discover and becomes addicted of electronic music.

In order to be able to reproduce and reinterpret the sound of Radiohead , Rudy buys few synthesizers and starts to study all about electronic sound and sound engineering . This experience takes him to another level. In 2013 Stefano de Santis has to leave the band for unfortunate circumstances, so the adventure with the band finishes.

After that, Rudy does not want to start another band, instead he starts to compose electronic music and create his own electrolive show. In this process he produces his first EP “Erase Sadness” (still unreleased), and get back on stage as a DJ and electrolive performer.

Rudy between 2015 and 2016 is a resident DJ for Versus, he still performs his electrolive shows. He brings on stage many machines, and usually perform with  live musicians on the side ( saxophone,vocals ,electric guitar).

At these days Rudy is the owner and Director of Beats Wagon, a mobile music stage built by himself. This project is going to take over events and music festivals around the  country.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rudy-Burningman-615936215141366/
Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/a-l-o-m


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