main-logo6My name is Andy and I come from Bologna, Italy.

Music came into my life when I was really young but when I finished my UNI I found a regular Job, with a regular paycheck in order to have a regular life style, as my family wanted for me.
It worked for nearly 5 years when I suddenly realized that I was throwing my dreams in the toilet and living someone else’s life. Do you know what I mean?

I almost reached depression, and my body was continuously trying to tell me what was wrong. I was so lucky when I decided to make the big step and quit my job. The universe gave me exactly what I needed, a 43 gigs contract for the summer in one of the most amazing place on earth, San Teodoro, Sardinia, with a band of great professionals.

That experience changed my life completely.

1 year after I decided to follow the sun, and after the Italian summer I moved to Melbourne, Australia, the city where I live now and where I rediscovered my inspiration.


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